Virtual video tips that connect Buyers And Vendors

27th May 2020 posted in SELLERS BUYERS

Even though the housing market has reopened, and viewings can take place if social distancing measures are followed, virtual videos remain essential to the market. Not everyone can conduct a viewing right now, and many people will feel safer and more confident about viewing a house virtually.

Therefore, vendors should consider the benefits of creating videos which showcase their home without people having to be present.

We know many vendors have no experience in creating this style of video. We also know many vendors will be nervous about making a video of this nature. However, there is no need to be worried.

Your smartphone provides you with access to a high-quality video camera. Also, we have assisted many vendors in creating video tours, and we are here to guide you. If you are looking for virtual video tips that connect buyers and vendors, you are in the right place.

Video tours don’t need to be too lengthy

While the size of your home and the number of interesting elements in your house will influence what needs to be in the video, you don’t need to make a lengthy video. Ideally, you should make a video that is no more than 60 seconds long.

Also, you don’t need to film everything in one continuous take. You can create several short clips, which will be compiled to make a single virtual tour.

Some rooms are more important than others

Every room is essential, but in our experience, some rooms are more interesting than others for buyers. People want to explore your kitchen and the main reception rooms. Therefore, make sure you capture high-quality footage of these spaces.

Find a suitable space which captures the room

When filming a room, it is a good idea to start filming as you enter the room, and then walk to a corner and view the room. This will help to convey the size of the room. Also, if there is an appealing view from a window, make sure you capture this.

You don’t need to record a commentary

There is no need for you to record a commentary for the virtual tour video. You can focus on capturing usable footage, and your agent will provide the commentary for viewers.

If you have a garden area, capture footage of this space

When you sell your home, the garden area has a huge role to play. Buyers want to see a garden, so make sure you have footage that can be included in the video tour.

If you follow the standard tips of presenting your home, such as decluttering, cleaning and presenting with a buyer in mind, you create an ideal platform to impress buyers. Following these virtual video tour tips will help you connect with likely buyers, hopefully assisting you in selling your home.

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