Tips To Stay Happy And Healthy At Home


With people advised to stay at home unless they have a valid reason to be out of the house, it is essential we take steps to amuse, entertain and occupy ourselves. At Country Properties, we are better known for helping people to move homes, but we also want to ensure our clients enjoy themselves when they are in their property.

Also, as a team, we know how to unwind to ensure we are well-rested for another day at work! Therefore, we are more than happy to provide you with tips to stay happy and healthy at home.

Peruse a museum or art gallery from the comfort of home

Art galleries and museums are closed, but you have a perfect chance to see what some of the most famous tourist destinations in the world have to offer. This is because a significant number of world-famous galleries and museums are offering virtual tours and walkthroughs.

Whether you dream of exploring The Met In New York City, enjoy the Oceania gallery at the British Museum or marvel at Madrid’s Museo del Prado, you can do so from the comfort of your own. The Prado tours take place on Instagram and Facebook every morning, so follow along if you would like to see some of the most attractive, and thought-provoking pieces

Exercise indoors

It is a good idea to remain active and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle if possible. If you can go outdoors, even into a garden area, this is recommended. It is good to enjoy fresh air, and if you can benefit from the sunshine, you will feel better. However, if you can’t leave the house, don’t worry, there are ways you can be active indoors.

One of the most popular fitness courses taking place right now comes from The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. The upbeat personality has been offering online PE workouts on his YouTube channel. No matter your preferred activity, if you can do it indoors, there are classes to follow online.

If you prefer to dance rather than an exercise in a traditional manner, do so. If you follow self-distancing guidance, you can dance with other people in your house. Failing that, why not sync video links and playlists with friends or family members, and have a great time, at the same time. Failing that, check out Twitter and Facebook for music playlists and groups you can join.

Be creative as best you can

If you are staying indoors, you may not have a lot of items to help you be creative, but you don’t need a great deal of material. If you have a pen and paper, you will find you have everything you need. If you, or someone you know, loves sudokus, word puzzles and crosswords, why not make your own?

Creating them will be a challenge, and the fun of creating personalised workbooks or sheets for your family will be a joy. Even something as simple as colouring in can entertain you for hours and provide you with something the whole family will love.

Currently, in line with Government guidelines, our Letchworth Garden City branch is closed.  However, we have key staff working from home, with access to all of our estate agency software, to support all of our clients and keeping ongoing transactions active.  To clients old and new, if you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01462 481100 or email