Sustainable Shopping Arrives In Letchworth

9th September 2021 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

It is fair to say many of us spend more time thinking about sustainability and environmental matters these days. This is especially true at home, when energy-efficiency is essential. With rising energy bills, anything which lowers the cost of heating and lighting a home, without compromising on the quality of home life, is a positive step forward for most people.

At Country Properties, we know the importance of energy-efficiency in the home. This is the case for homeowners, landlords and tenants. We aim to provide tips in Letchworth that helps people make the most of their home.

Go green and look great

However, we also know many people are looking to take similar steps outside of their home, and in all aspects of their life. If you want to be more sustainable when you shop, you will be delighted to learn of the Garden House Hospice centre which is now open in Letchworth.

There is a significant trend towards second-hand shopping in the fashion sector. This is great for people looking to save money, but it also has a significant link to people leading more sustainable lives. The fashion industry has been criticised for its negative impact on climate change, and there are calls for people to be savvier when it comes to shopping.

Letchworth will benefit in many ways from these shops

Anything which helps Letchworth residents to lead a more sustainable lifestyle has to be good for the community. Also, the more shops that operate in the town centre, the better. We want people to look good, but as a property company, we understand the importance of employment to the housing market, and the local economy.

Carla Pilsworth, director of income generation, spoke to The Comet, saying; “The issue of climate change is vitally important for us all and with ‘fast fashion’ known to not be great for the environment, we’ve certainly seen people turning to pre-loved items at our shops instead. What’s more, we’ve seen donations of second-hand clothing and other items also increase as people look for responsible ways to recycle.”

Carla Pilsworth continued by saying; “Against the backdrop of the pandemic and the devastating trading conditions it created, we’ve continued to diversify our hospice shops in recent months to great success. Our Oval shop in Stevenage expanded to incorporate Junior House, a dedicated children’s shop which is thriving. In July we opened Bridal House, our bridal boutique, with a vast collection of second-hand occasion wear and the reaction to that opening has been incredible. The opening of our second shop in Letchworth gives us the chance to offer an even better shopping experience for new and existing shoppers in the town and we’ll continue to seek further local opportunities for growth.”

The Garden House Hospice Care, located at 17-19 Leys Avenue, opened on Thursday 26th August. Early shoppers were greeted with flyers offering a 10% discount in store! There were also numerous events and activities throughout Letchworth on the day.

Currently, in line with Government guidelines, our Letchworth Garden City branch is open and our and lettings personnel are here to assist you. To clients old and new, if you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01462 481100 or email