Royston What To Do In 2022

18th January 2022 posted in SELLERS LANDLORDS BUYERS TENANTS

The start of a New Year is a great time for change, and taking positive action. We are looking forward to supporting the Royston community as much as we can in 2022, and if you are looking for guidance or advice on how you can make a positive impact on Royston, we have a lot of great ideas for you.

Royston Health Walks

The start of a New Year is a fantastic time to be more active, and to spend time in the fresh air. If you are unsure of how to get started with respect to leading a more active lifestyle, the Royston Health Walks group is the perfect bunch of people for you.

This is a social walking group who meet twice every Wednesday, with the meeting point being The Heath Café, Baldock Road, Royston, SG8 5BG.

The first walk of the day sets off at 10am, and the stroll goes over Therfield Heath at a leisurely pace. There is an opportunity talk along the way, and if you are keen to meet new people, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to do so.

The walk usually covers around one mile and a half, and the walk usually ends up in the café, where there is an opportunity to have a cup of tea and catch up.

The second walk of the day starts at 2pm. This is a more challenging walk than the morning version, so if you are out of condition or lacking in confidence, you might find the first walk to be better for you.

However, all are welcome, and if you are determined 2022 is a year of better health and fitness, this is likely to be a great group.

The Friends of Therfield Heath Litter Pick

If you want better surroundings, the Friends of Therfield Heath Litter Pick have a chance for you to make a positive impact on your community. The group meets regularly and in January 2022, there is a scheduled meet on Sunday the 9th. The event begins at 930am at the café, and you will be provided with rubbish bags and litter pickers, which you can return at the end of the activity.

It is an event open for all family, and even dogs, but as you will be in the open, please dress for the weather. The group will dispose of the rubbish for you, and if all you can spare is thirty minutes, that’s enough to have a positive impact.

2022 can be a year of positive change in Royston

We also want to bring positive change to Royston in 2022, and that is why for every instruction we receive in the New Year, we promise to plant five trees.

There are many reasons why it is a great idea to plant trees in town and city areas, including:

1.       A mature and leafy tree has the ability to provide enough oxygen for ten people

2.       Trees are vital in capturing and storing carbon and carbon dioxide

3.       Trees collect a lot of air pollution and toxins

4.       Trees provide shade, and play a key role in cooling down towns

5.       Studies indicate trees help people feel more relaxed and at ease

These are just a handful of the reasons we are committed to planting trees in and around Royston because we care about the local community.

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