Letchworth: Ideal for London commute

12th February 2020 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

London house prices mean many people are looking for a suitable home where they can commute. Even people who can afford to live in London may prefer to be outside of the capital. Yes, London is where companies are based and “business is done”, but work is far from the be-all and end-all for many people.

If you are keen to enjoy a better quality of life and feel as though you can unwind and switch off from work; commuter towns are likely to appeal. Of course, not all commuter towns are the same, and it is fair to say Letchworth Garden City appeals to many people and families.

Letchworth allows you to enjoy life at your pace

If you need to be convinced on the quality of life available in Letchworth, the founder of the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living may be able to make a compelling argument which sways you. Roberta Meldrum spoke to the Londonist website, and she said; “When people come here, they often express their experience of the healing environment that they find around here. They get almost as great a benefit from the tranquillity of this site, and Letchworth, as from the treatments we offer. That is an expression of what Ebenezer Howard was trying to do. We are just an illustration of what he articulated many years ago.”

Anyone who has been worn down by the pace and pressure of London life will immediately feel invigorated by these words. However, there is a need for practicality, but the commute between Letchworth and the heart of London is quick and effective. If you are worried about the daily travel of moving out to an area like Letchworth, you may be surprised at what is on offer.

Travel time between Letchworth and London is easily manageable

The average journey time between Letchworth and London King’s Cross is 46 minutes. This is a direct service, and there are around 60 trains a day. With the first train of the day rolling before 5am and the last train of the day setting off just after midnight, you should be able to find trains that meet your everyday needs, and rarer occasions when you are on the move earlier or later than you would think.

The fastest route between Letchworth and King’s Cross takes less than half an hour while the longest journey takes just under the hour mark. Whether you are in a hurry, or you are content to take things at a more leisurely pace, you will hopefully find a train that allows you to combine work and home effectively.

Whilst Letchworth Garden City isn’t the most exciting location for nightlife, this is precisely what many people and families are looking for. With Hitchin around five miles away, you don’t have to travel too far to enjoy a livelier evening. For many people, the convenience of commuting, a quiet local life, and nearby options for entertainment, leisure and dining ensures Letchworth Garden City is an excellent option.

If you would like to learn more about Letchworth, and why it is a more than suitable option for commuters, please get in touch. We know the local area, and we are pleased to say we have helped many people find their perfect home here, and in the surrounding regions. For an idyllic lifestyle, contact Country Properties Letchworth Garden City, and we will be delighted to assist you.

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