Letchworth Brewery Enjoys The Magic Of The Cup

9th September 2021 posted in BUYERS

When you think about the great products from Letchworth’s Garden City Brewery, you might instinctively think of pint tumblers. However, this month, you will think of a cup, but of course, it isn’t just any old cup, it is the FA Cup.

This is because the local brewer is combining with Hitchin Town FC to create a special brew to mark 150 years of the FA Cup.

Hitchin Town's commercial manager Mick Docking spoke to The Comet, saying: “Not a lot of people know this, but it’s highly likely that the first ever recorded FA Cup match to kick off was Hitchin Town vs Crystal Palace back in 1871.”

Local brewer hits the back of the net

Mick also said; “It’s a way for us to generate some extra revenue for the club, engage with local firms and have some fun along the way. IDNet kindly provide the broadband here at Top Field and they were our partners in hosting previous local cider and cheese festivals. We reached out to Garden City Brewery and a recipe for the ale was hatched.”

In keeping with the sense of history and tradition, the brew has been made with ingredients and hop varieties that were available in 1871, including:

·       Challenger

·       Fuggles

·       East Kent Goldings

If you are not up to date with your hops and beer ingredients, that short list will mean nothing to you, but for aficionados, there is a lot to like and look forward to.

LGC business grabbing all the great headlines

Nick Rolfe from the Garden City Brewery also spoke to The Comet about the brewing process, saying; “First we got everyone stirring in the grain, this took about 15 minutes of continuous paddling and was followed by a 75-minute mash.”

If you are not familiar with what the term mashing means, it isn’t linked to your Sunday potatoes, it is the initial phase of the brewing process. Grains are crushed and then mixed with water, creating a substance that looks similar to porridge, but will give you a different kick in the morning!

Nick Rolfe also said; “Next came the messy part of transferring the wort into a giant kettle and scooping out the used grain. I was impressed how keenly and vigorously everyone got involved, not least because you need a decent level of fitness! The final piece of group participation was measuring out and adding the hops - followed by 60-minute boil.”

IDNet’s director Tim Davies also spoke to The Comet, saying “When Mick told us about his plans to mark the 150th anniversary of the FA Cup, we quickly realised that it would combine three of our favourite things: Hitchin, football and ale. How could we not be involved in such a noble initiative? Grass roots football and the true spirit of the FA Cup need to be celebrated now more than ever, so we hope the Football Association and other clubs make the most of the 150th celebrations.”

The drink will be called Hop Field 1871.

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