Hitchin H-Town Pounds Popping Up Everywhere

17th November 2021 posted in LANDLORDS BUYERS

One of the impacts of the pandemic and lockdown is that people are using less cash. Many stores prefer people to pay by card, and this is changing the way we live.

In Hitchin though, there is a twist, with a new currency coming to the fore, H-Town Pounds.

Over 80 independent stores across Hitchin are accepting these vouchers. The Hitchin Property Trust (HPT) and Hitchin BID are working together, and it is hoped the scheme will support local businesses.

What can you do with H-Town Pounds?

Town centre manager Tom Hardy spoke to The Comet, saying; "With the H-Town Pounds, you can treat your friends and family to enjoy all that Hitchin’s independents offer. From a special meal out to a thoughtful gift or beauty treatment, Hitchin’s independents offer a great shopping experience. It’s been a challenging time for our independent businesses in Hitchin town centre. H-Town Pounds are a fantastic way for shoppers to show their support and help boost much needed trade over the festive period and beyond.”

Liz Tye from Next Page Books welcomes the initiative and she has spoken about how these vouchers are “great for independent shops. At Christmas you don’t always know what to buy, so the vouchers are a perfect gift and we welcome everyone to spend theirs here at Next Page Books.”

Some residents have been given a helping hand

The Hitchin Property Trust has kick-started the scheme by providing £50 worth of vouchers to each of their residential tenants. This is a nice boost for people, and whether the vouchers are spent on getting something nice as a present, or some much needed items, it is great news for local businesses and residents.

Alex Roberton, HPT's managing director, said: "HPT recognises that it’s been a difficult year for both our commercial and residential tenants here in Hitchin. H-Town Pounds is a brilliant boost for Hitchin’s independents and we’re only too happy to support the scheme.”

One of the first local businesses to sign up for the scheme was Angell’s HealthCare, which is located on Hermitage Road. Store manager Brian Failes said: "Any initiative like this is a good thing for local businesses. Why wouldn’t you sign up?" You can see many local store managers and staff having the same opinion, so don’t be surprised if you see this scheme popping up everywhere you turn in Hitchin!

Waitrose's Simon Kirbyshire said: "We’re very lucky in Hitchin to have such a vibrant independent scene and these vouchers will help promote that. They’re a lovely gift for local friends and family, particularly coming up to Christmas. Who knows, they might even go on to become the preferred currency in Hitchin!"

The H-Town pounds are available in:

·       £5 vouchers

·       £10 vouchers

·       £20 vouchers

The vouchers can be purchased from the local Waitrose, from the Hitchin Information office, or they can also be purchased online.

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