Get sporty in Hitchin: What club is right for you?

14th May 2019 posted in PROPERTY NEWS

Being sporty and active helps you to get more out of life. Whether you have genuine sporting ambitions to achieve in life or you feel happy knowing a workout helps you to indulge a little bit when the weekend rolls around, there is a great deal to be said for being fit and active. If you live in Hitchin, you’ll know that there are plenty of ways to be sporty and ensure that you get plenty of exercise.

No matter your age, your budget, your preferred activity or your fitness goals, there will be a solution that is ideal for you. Even if all you are looking for is an open space to walk your dog or take in some fresh air with a brisk stroll, Hitchin won’t let you down.

A recent boost for fitness enthusiasts in Hitchin comes with the new facilities at the Lucas Lane Sports Club.  Early 2019 saw the introduction of a two-storey clubhouse, improvements to the cricket ground and an all-weather pitch.

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The company behind the cricket ground sold off adjacent land to fund these improvements, with Hitchin Cricket Club and Blueharts Hockey Club set to benefit from these changes. The upgrade has been welcomed by the hockey club, which have recently been forced to play their home matches at Hitchin Boys’ School. As competitive hockey matches must be played on an artificial surface, the team had to decamp, but they are now delighted to come back to Lucas Lane. 

HTGC Ltd chairman Geoff Edwards spoke to local media, saying; “We have achieved an incredible milestone in the history of both clubs, as we finally bring to life our long-held aspiration of providing first-class sporting facilities at Lucas Lane. It has been a dream many years in the making to bring hockey back to Lucas Lane, and we are hugely grateful for the efforts of those who have worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality.”

It is no exaggeration to say that without these improvements, the hockey club may have had to look for a new home ground. However, the team can now look forward to a settled existence and residents have the opportunity to enjoy the facilities for themselves.

The Blueharts have been present in the local area since 1946, and have a number of teams for men, women and youths. The Blueharts can boast of seven men’s teams as well as five ladies’ teams, while they support various age groups at youth level.

The cricket club has an even more illustrious history in Hitchin. The team has been around for over 150 years and like the hockey side, have called Lucas Lane their home since 1946. If you are looking for a sporting activity that ties you to the narrative of the village while providing you with an opportunity to socialise with like-minded people, the new-look sport facility and traditional teams may be of interest.

If these sports aren’t to your taste, look out for the football and rugby options in town. The original Hitchin Town FC formed in 1865, with the current iteration starting up in 1928. The original club played in the initial FA Cup and the team’s name still graces the present day tournament. While the football club is the largest sporting entity in Hitchin, the rugby club is a popular team with youth and ladies teams flanking the main side. Hitchin Rugby Club has been playing since 1954, so again, if you are looking for a local side with a sterling history, there is a lot to like here.

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Of course, not everyone is looking to engage in team activities or competitive sport. For many people, Hitchin Swimming Centre and Archers Gym on Fishponds Road provides them with all the exercise and exertions they need!

This is an excellent venue with a tremendous range of equipment and activities, suitable for people of all abilities and ages. If you enjoy gym life, and many people do these days, there is a Technogym fitness suite. With a tremendous range of modern fitness equipment, you can work up a sweat and look at your very best.

As the name of the venue suggests, swimming is a key feature of what is on offer. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools on offer, so whether you are brave and enjoy a bracing dip or prefer a more secluded and sheltered swim, you have plenty of options. There is also a sauna and steam room, helping you to relax and unwind after or even instead of exercise.

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A lot of people like scheduled classes as a way of staying fit. Being able to block out time in your weekly calendar appeals to a lot of people, as does the variety of classes on offer at the venue. Whether you are keen to enjoy yoga, dance classes or HIIT sessions, there are more than 80 classes on offer each week.

These classes are often the backbone of people’s social activities. Staying fit and active is a goal but if you need an outlet to escape from work or family life for an hour, or you need a proper reason to congregate with friends, these classes are ideal. It used to be that meeting in a pub was the only valid option for adults to congregate, but this no longer the case. Stay fit and social in Hitchin by finding the class that is ideal for you and your friends, or why not make new friends by signing up for a different activity?

If you are looking for a gym but would prefer to train elsewhere, you have options like The Powerhouse Gym, the Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym, Sports Academy Exchange and The Letchworth Club.

The fitness industry is big business these days, and there is no shortage of ways to stay active. You’ll also find many of these clubs offer personal training services, so if you need assistance in being active, there should be something that fits your needs and budget.

No matter how you want to stay fit and healthy, Hitchin has everything you need, so get up, get out and be active.