Episode 4: Instructing a solicitor

16th August 2018 posted in CP VIDEO SERIES

In this episode we will be trying to help you find an experienced and knowledgeable solicitor to join your property selling team. We advise you instruct a solicitor before the property goes to market by doing this they can prepare all documentation and reduce the time of conveyance.

How can you get the best solicitor for you?

  1. Speak to your agent - they should have a list of trusted solicitors they already work with.
  2. Suited correspondence - ask your agent the appropriate questions such as: Do they communicate via phone or email? Do they work evenings and weekends?
  3. Do your research - once you have your agents fee back, do further research online. You have every right to choose a solicitor you are comfortable with and will work in a way that suits you. 

Next week: we will be focusing on "Marketing your property"