Energy efficiency upgrades which sell homes

29th January 2020 posted in SELLERS

Anyone looking to sell their home must have an Energy Performance Certificate, an EPC. There has been a lot written about the importance of an EPC for landlords when letting property, but there hasn’t been as much focus on how essential it is during the sales process.

The certificate offers buyers with vital information which improves the energy-efficiency rating of a property. This is information buyers use to decide which home is most suitable for their needs, and if a vendor can prove they have an energy-efficient home, buyers are more likely to take an interest in the property.

It might be you haven’t overthought about improving the energy-efficiency of your home before placing it on the market. The following benefits are all factors to consider:

  • More and more buyers are looking for an energy-efficient property. If you can make your home more energy-efficient, you will increase your chances of selling your home
  • In a competitive marketplace, you need to ensure your home stands out for all the right reasons. Improving the energy-efficiency of your home can achieve this
  • An energy-efficient home is likely to have lower energy bills, which is something every homeowner is looking for

When you take these factors on board, there are legitimate reasons to make your home energy-efficient, and thankfully, you have many options at your disposal


Is it costly to improve the energy efficiency of my home?

No, it doesn’t have to cost a lot to improve the energy-efficiency of your property. You can spend a lot of money if you so wish, upgrading your boiler or installing double glazing are examples of expensive ways to improve the energy-efficiency rating of your property. You will find your EPC rating improves significantly after these changes, but you don’t need to take these options to make your home more energy efficient.


What affordable energy-efficient improvements can I make?

If you are looking for more affordable energy-efficient improvements around the home, consider:

  • Installing loft insulation at your home
  • Swapping out traditional bulbs for more energy-efficient lightbulbs
  • Filling any holes, gaps or cracks in your window frames and doors
  • Placing draught excluders around your home
  • Investing in a thermostat

Individually, you may not see a massive change in your home when you implement these tips. However, in the longer-term, and when you make some changes, you will positively impact your property.

Also, don’t forget the EPC provides you with tips which are based on your home. Following these tips will ensure you make effective changes, which will hopefully help you to better connect with buyers.

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