End of May Bank Holiday activities in Hitchin

20th May 2019 posted in PROPERTY NEWS

The Bank Holiday at the end of May is one that people look forward to and it is likely that you are planning this weekend already. You may be booked up to get out of town for the weekend, but there is a lot to be said for staying local and enjoying yourself close to home.

Staying local means you can have a lazy day without venturing far, but you also have plenty of reasons to get outside and take part in special community events. There is always plenty to do in and around Hitchin over a weekend, however, the end of May Bank Holiday provides an opportunity to enjoy specialist events that don’t happen all the time and no matter what sort of day you are looking to experience, we have you covered.


Find out what local farmers do

On Saturday the 25th of May, the Churchgate and Market Day takes place, bringing together businesses and local producers. The event runs from 10am to 5pm in Churchgate and the river area, so there is plenty of time for you to venture along and see what is happening.

If you are looking to support local producers, you will appreciate the presence of local farmers and crafts specialists, perhaps giving you a chance to gain insight into their work. This is a perfect occasion to find out more about the work being carried out in the local area.

Of course, this sort of event can be challenging to sell to children, but there are plenty of entertainment options. There will be live music and entertainers, so even if the idea of shopping doesn’t impress your kids, there should be something that grabs their attention. With face painting and a raft of competitions and promotions, you’ll be occupied for a good while if you make your way down to this event.

For those looking for a more wholesome activity, suitable for all the family, Totfest on Sunday the 26th of May is likely to be a fantastic option. The event takes place at Hitchin Priory on Tilehouse Street, with a midday start time. The event rolls on until 5pm, so you have plenty of time to venture along, even if you require a later start on Sunday morning. There will be craft events and tasks for all ages, so you’ll find that your youngsters will be kept busy.


If you are looking to venture out of Hitchin, Preston Open Gardens is always a great option. This village is just three miles to the south of Hitchin, and you’ll enjoy many beautiful plants, water features and wild areas. As you would expect, there are arts and craft options as well as places where you can enjoy tea and relax for a few minutes.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, there will be the Barbecue on the Green from midday, so if you fancy something you can sink your teeth into, this is likely to be a day out that ticks all your boxes.

Hitchin lavender returns

An event that will catch many people’s attention on the final day of the Bank Holiday is the re-opening of Hitchin Lavender. This is a stunning attraction, and while you can pick your lavender if you so wish, many people appreciate the chance to stroll through the fields and take in the stunning scenery and smells.

If you feel that the volume of lavender is too much, you can also enjoy sunflowers and a wildflower area. More importantly, there are areas for youngsters where they can play on a model tractor or engage in a fortress play area. There is also a museum for those people who like to learn while they have a day off, and there is a 17th-century barn which is the host area for some of the most exquisite cakes in the area. The barn is also where you find the merchandise stall if you want to share lavender with others on your return.


There will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy Hitchin Lavender over the summer, but if you are looking to finish the Bank Holiday in style, this could be the perfect setting for you.

You probably know the best Hitchin destinations for a standard weekend with the kids, the Little Rascals Indoor Play Party Centre is always a great destination, but the Bank Holiday weekend sees the return of an old favourite. Hitchin Swimming Centre has an outdoor heated pool that is scheduled to re-open on Saturday the 25th of May. If the weather is pleasant over the Bank Holiday, this is likely to be a hugely popular destination, allowing you to stay cool while the temperature rises.

No matter what you do, you should have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend in Hitchin.