DIY demand during lockdown


With many people spending a lot more time at home during the lockdown, it is no surprise to see many people turn to DIY. Perhaps you have been putting off repair work for a long time, or you now have the opportunity to start a long-awaited project, DIY is an excellent way to occupy yourself during the lockdown.

There are some jobs which are best left to experts, and if you aren’t confident about repair or improvement work, you should consider if it is best to leave the work to experts. However, if you have the time, equipment and confidence, what better time to improve your home than now? You will certainly not be alone as it seems as though people across the country have started DIY projects.

People are searching for help in carrying out DIY projects

A recent study by an online mortgage broker has revealed some of the searches people have entered into Google. Google and YouTube are fantastic resources when you are looking to carry out improvements, and the findings indicate a lot of homeowners are keen to improve the outside of their home.

The leading searches in the past few weeks include how to use compost, how to do decking, how to lay down artificial turf, how to build a fire pit, how to panel a fence and how to lay a concrete slab. These are all excellent ways of adding utility, functionality and value to your home, and it is easy to see why people are looking for guidance in these areas.

Inside the property, you have the perfect opportunity to repair long-standing issues or to make improvements. With summer fast approaching, this is the ideal time to review the insulation of your home. If there are cracks or gaps around your window or door frames, fill them, and you can look forward to a warmer home in autumn and winter.

You can also look forward to lowering your energy bills, which is likely to be the most significant incentive for many homeowners.

Local shopping options for DIY equipment in Biggleswade

The Homebase in Biggleswade, at A1 Trading Est, is currently open, albeit it is operating with restrictions. Be sure to review the company’s website or Facebook page to check opening hours and any limitations they may have in place.

You also have the Biggleswade branch of Wilko open at the A1 Shopping Park. These shopping destinations have been popular of late, so expect a queuing system to be in operation.

Goldthorpe J R & Son on the High Street is also open, providing you with a convenient destination to buy any essential items you might need. This is a well-established name in the local area, and it is likely you or people you are close to have relied on this store over the years.

Currently, in line with Government guidelines, our Biggleswade branch is closed.  However, we have key staff working from home, with access to all of our estate agency software, to support all of our clients and keeping ongoing transactions active.  To clients old and new, if you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01767 317799 or email