Different Property Searches In 2020 - And How To Reach These Buyers

14th January 2021 posted in SELLERS

Without spending too much time looking back at 2020, it is important to realise a lot of things changed throughout the year.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lockdown period, led many people to re-evaluate what was important to them. Many buyer searches changes in 2020, and it is likely these searches will remain relevant in 2021, and as we move forward.

Information provided by Good Move offers insight into what buyers were looking for, and how this differs from previous years.

Comfort and home socialising features mattered to buyers in 2020

The searches which experienced the highest growth compared to the previous year are as follows:

•  Apartment with balcony (147%)

•  Apartment with hot tub (139%)

•  House with tennis court (127%)

•  House with swimming pool (109%)

•  House with driveway (107%)

You should also ensure your property listings detail these features that buyers want to see. When you call on the services of Country Properties, you can rest assured we will present your home in the most appealing manner, and this includes your property listing.

Nima Ghasri, Director at Good Move, comments: “Against all odds, this year has positively impacted the UK housing market and completely transformed the way buyers and sellers look at properties. More and more people are moving away from flats and apartments and into homes with outdoor space, and we’ve also seen many people looking to move away from cities into more rural areas.”

Rightmove also found a change in buyer searches throughout the year, and the results shouldn’t be a surprise.

Remote working is an everyday part of life now

In the period between June and October 2020, 28% more new properties were listed for sale compared to the same time in 2019. It was found there was an increase of 326% for listings which included features such as “office”, “workspace” or “working from home”.

With the nation in lockdown once again, it is likely buyers searches will once again focus on finding a home that is suitable for remote working.

Another interesting quirk which arose was a 110% increase in people searching for property classed as “no chain”. The stamp duty holiday deadline created a situation where people needed to move quickly, and this was the driving force behind these searches.

Rightmove’s Director of Property Data Tim Bannister said: “Over the past eight months, with the requirement for many people to work from home, we’ve seen workspaces evolving from laptops balancing on the end of the bed to fully equipped home offices in the garden shed, and everything in between.  Many home-movers have determined that their current property doesn’t offer enough space for effective home working and have been trading up – either within their local area or looking further afield for that bigger home.”

Tim Bannister also said; “Agents I’ve been speaking to have said that they’ve been inundated with requests from prospective buyers for properties with an extra reception room, an extra bedroom, or an extra building outside that they can turn into a functioning office. Working from home is here to stay for many, perhaps not full-time but certainly a few days a week, and so it looks like the trend of home-hunters settling for a make-shift place to perch a laptop seen back in March has been replaced with a more permanent need for space being added to their property checklist.”

If you plan on selling your home, and you want to ensure you connect with buyers, you need help in creating the most effective listings. At Country Properties, we are pleased to say we have helped connect many vendors and buyers in and around Letchworth Garden City. If you want to present your home in the most appropriate manner, please get in touch.

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