Creating Your Summer Festival Vibe At Home!

8th July 2020 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

It is essential to recognise that people have experienced a wide range of emotions in the past few months. At the forefront has been concerns over people’s health, their physical and mental well-being, their finances and jobs. These are the big things in many people’s lives, and it is easy to see why they are the predominant things we focus on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, there is nothing wrong about being upset or sad about missing out on fantastic events and great times with friends. As we move into summer, a lot of people will no doubt think about the holidays, events and festivals that they cannot attend.

Big names like Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and End of The Road won’t be taking place this summer, but that doesn’t mean you cannot create your summer festival vibe at home! You need to ensure you follow the relevant social distancing measures, but if you do that, you can follow these tips to create some unique memories this summer.

Create a place of shelter

It wouldn’t be a festival without a drop or two of rain or chilly weather. Even if the forecast predicts a consecutive run of sunshine, there is usually a spot of troublesome weather to put a dampener on things.

Therefore, setting up a shelter or some form of a tent where you can take refuge from changing weather conditions will be of benefit. Even if the weather stays glorious, you have somewhere cool to chill your drinks and enjoy some respite from the sunshine.

Also, if you are going to spend a lot of time outside, be sure to have enough sun cream to protect you.

Add some lighting to your garden

The best festivals get going after dark, although you will want to be mindful of your neighbours. As long as you aren’t making noise which disturbs others, there is nothing to stop you from partying into the small hours.

This is why you need some lights, and there is plenty of mood-setting affordable lighting options which will look fantastic in your garden. The small touches often have the most significant impact, and multi-coloured globes or lights which change colour will ensure you and the rest of the revellers are in the mood to party.

Add some stylish touches

Boho chic never goes out of fashion, but think about the sort of festival you love, and then incorporate some neat touches. If you love rock music and the Download festival, add a gothic twist or two. If you appreciate Creamfields, add a dash of neon to proceedings. If you are upset about missing out on Glastonbury, embrace your inner hippie and keep things simple yet organic!

Try festival food but better

Festivals have changed over the years, and the food has improved at many of them, although many still leave a lot to be desired. Why not serve up festival staples, such as burgers, hot dogs, chips and doughnuts, but in your style!

When you’re in charge at home, you can create the festival you love. This means the music, the alcohol and the food are down to you, so serve up what you love and enjoy the festival vibe at home this summer!

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