Contract Ready – Let’s Get You Legally Prepared

28th October 2020 posted in SELLERS BUYERS

With the stamp duty holiday helping buyers to reduce the overall cost of buying a home, there is still a considerable level of activity in the market. If you are looking to sell your home soon, you need to be prepared to enter a highly competitive market.

Vendors need to engage buyers, make their home as appealing as possible, and be prepared to sell their home as quickly as possible. At Country Properties, we understand the aims of local vendors. If you are keen to sell your Baldock home, contact a local specialist for tailored support.

We help you connect with buyers

The point of making your property Contract Ready is to make it more desirable for buyers, and to improve the speed of the transaction without incurring additional costs or compromising on the quality of the sale.

At Country Properties, we take steps to ensure your sales process begins before a buyer for your home is found.

By completing your paperwork, which will be prepared and sent to you by our recommended solicitors, you place yourself in an excellent position to sell quickly.

Your solicitor will undertake the initial legal work, and they will present you with a contract for your sale. With this document, you save time, but you can promote your property as being Contract Ready.

Buyers are just as keen as you to conclude the property deal quickly, so this will help your home stand out for all the right reasons.

At Country Properties, we are pleased to offer the Contract Ready service free of charge, and it is part of the sale conveyancing of your property. In such a busy marketplace, it is vital to grab an advantage over other homes in your home.

With the Contract Ready status, your property becomes more appealing to buyers looking for a home like yours.

Move one step ahead in the sales process

Traditionally, the first step of the sales process sees you listing your property for sale, and you need to wait until a buyer shows interest to move forward. Then, once an offer is made on your home, and you accept it, the legal process begins.

This would then see work such instructing a solicitor, issuing paperwork and then processing the returned paperwork, carrying out the initial legal work and then preparing the contract. Once all this work is completed, you can issue the contract and then move to the completion of the sale.

This is often a lengthy process.

However, with the Contract Ready service offered by Country Properties, we speed up the process and conclude as much of the legal process as we can at the start of the transaction.

Our Contract Ready service runs as follows:

When your property is listed for sale, we instruct a recommended solicitor, issue paperwork and manage returned paperwork, carry out the initial legal work and prepare the contact.

All this work is completed before an offer is made and accepted, saving time and helping you conclude the deal much faster without compromising on the standard of service. We can then help you complete the sale in a time-frame where other agents and vendors are only issuing contracts.

The key benefits of the Contract Ready service are as follows:

•              Gets you ready to sell

•              Speeds up the sales process

•              Shows you are serious

•              Gives your property an edge

•              Attracts the right buyers

•              Doesn’t cost you anything

This service is available at no additional cost to you and is provided by qualified and experienced professionals. We appreciate vendors want as much support in the sales process as possible, and people want a faster service. We are more than happy to provide you with a quicker service, but we also ensure you receive a high quality of service.

We are pleased to say the Contract Ready service is also available for leasehold properties. However, the contract will only contain lease details if they are provided.

At Country Properties, we believe our Contract Ready service provides you with a critical advantage in the housing market. If you want to steal a march on other local vendors in your area, please get in touch.

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