Cleaning Up Hitchin Benefits Everyone

17th November 2021 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

As you would expect, we love Hitchin, and we think it is a great place to live. However, like all places, it needs some love at times, and this is why it is great to see community groups and individuals getting involved.

There was an extensive clean up across Hitchin this year, with volunteers getting involved to remove rubbish and make the place more appealing. North Hertfordshire Council, no doubt realising the positive impact of this work, made more collection sites available, so there were more spaces to work on this year.

More parts of Hitchin were cleared and cleaned

Clean-up organiser Bill Sellicks spoke to The Comet, saying; “While we still cleared the sites, we always clear, such as Windmill Hill and Butts Close, people were keen to suggest new hotspots and we have supported that where possible. As a result, we had about 120 volunteers of all ages working in about 15 different places, mainly on Sunday morning. I estimate well over 80 bags of waste were left at the main collection points, and a number of volunteers took recycling home.”

Bill Sellicks continued by saying; “Special mention should again go to the Holy Saviour Guides who did their usual thorough job on the Dell, sadly still one of Hitchin’s most popular sites for those who are unable to find a bin for anything they no longer need. This year’s ‘finds’ included a large tent, a watering can and a pushchair. We are immensely grateful for the support of Hitchin Bid for the use of their litter pickers, and the Town Centre Rangers who enabled us to distribute them. North Hertfordshire Council provided advice, bags and, of course, their contractors dealt with the extra material collected. Mention must also go to those who publicised the event on social media.”

Can you play a part in cleaning up Hitchin?

"Most of all we must thank our fabulous volunteers who are so motivated to help. For many, our twice-yearly events are just a part of their personal campaign to keep their own local patch of Hitchin as clear of rubbish as they can, week-in week out. They are inspirational. We always choose the same weekends for our twice-yearly events for maximum impact. In the autumn, vegetation is dying back to reveal rubbish concealed during the summer months, and, as this year, we are often lucky with the weather. In the spring our event in late March is timed so that hedgerows can be cleared just as the weather is getting warmer and before new growth starts.”

Bill concluded by making a call for volunteers for the next collection, scheduled to take place in March of 2022. If you are keen to have a positive impact on your local community, this might be the sort of thing that interests you. Anyone who is interested in playing a part in cleaning up Hitchin can email

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