Buyers Are Moving Out Of Big Cities – Attract Them And Sell

21st January 2019 posted in SELLERS

It is no surprise that there are growing numbers of people moving out of big cities. For some households, the cost of city life has become difficult to manage whereas, for others, it is the stress, noise and pressure that influences a desire to move. Therefore, if you are located in the country and you are looking to sell a property, there is a market of willing buyers heading your way.

The important thing is to understand this market, work out why they are moving from the city to more rural areas and then use this information to attract these buyers to your home. Once you have achieved this, the selling process becomes a lot more straightforward.

Buyers can use their money more wisely outside of big cities

In the summer of 2018, it was found that the average Londoner making their way out of the capital paid £424,610 to buy their new home. This sum would provide them with limited options in London but across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, it offers them an extensive array of options.

A study by Hometrack in August of 2018 suggested that for many areas in the UK, house prices were at a similar level to what they had been in 2008. However, London and Cambridge both experienced an increase of 65% with respect to the cost of buying a home. This alone would have many people planning their exit out of the city to more affordable and suitable areas.

There is no doubt that finances play a large part of the reason why people are moving out of big cities. There is a diminishing lack of value for money on offer in the major cities, but this is just one element of why so many people are looking to change their scenery.

For some families, having access to better schools is the key reason to move out of big cities whereas, for others, the desire to have space around them is a big factor. This space can apply to their property and to the general space around them.

In 2019, there is a greater focus on wellness and happiness than ever before and for many people, city life is no longer appealing.

This creates an opportunity for homeowners in country areas to tap into these willing buyers. Price will be a factor, as it always is in every property transaction, but there are many ways that country vendors can attract buyers moving out of the city.

Accentuate your positives

Before you go to market, review your home and the qualities of the local area. When you know what your best features are or the most attractive aspects you have to offer, make these a cornerstone of your listings and promotional activities.

If your home provides access to a school with an Outstanding Ofsted rating, it is important to include this information in your promotional material. Savvy buyers will have an understanding of what areas they should look at but it never hurts to reinforce the benefits associated with your home.

Similarly, if you have strong transport links or a nearby village or High Street area that offers everything a local homeowner could need, you have an opportunity to not only promote your home but to promote the local lifestyle. When people move away from the city, they often want a change of pace but they still want home comforts. If you can promote your home as offering the best of both worlds, you’ll find that buyers take a strong interest.

Staging your home

While cleaning and decluttering a home is always important before placing it onto the market, consider the needs of the buyer moving to the country from the big city.

Homes in the country often offer more space for your money and have a sense of unique style and charm that many homes in the city are unable to offer. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to the natural style of your home or even add a rural flourish or two. If you’re selling a home in the city, there is a need to focus on space and how convenient a home is for the hectic pace of modern life, but this is a feeling that buyers fleeing the city are looking to get away from.

The promotional aspect of reaching buyers will always be important, and hiring the right estate agent is never a bad idea. At Country Properties, we have considerable experience in helping country vendors reach buyers moving out from the city, specifically due to our connections to London and the wider, national Hunters network. We look forward to helping you, so get in touch – find your local branch here.