Bring the love in!

13th February 2020 posted in PROPERTY NEWS

"Valentine’s Day is the best time for you to celebrate your relationship and show each other a little bit of love. However, the trouble with this celebration is that you can’t always get out of the house to celebrate."

Not only can restaurants and pubs be busy, which makes it hard to make a booking, but they can be expensive too. This means that plenty of couples spend the night in together. The only issue with this is that it can seem a little dull and boring eating at the same table that you always do, so what can you do to try and spice things up a bit? Take a look at our Valentine’s Day décor ideas and see if you can find an ideal way to transform your dining room ready for some romance.

Glittery Mason Jar Candle Holders

Crafts involving mason jars are incredibly popular of late, and it comes as no surprise that one idea for Valentine's Day décor involves them. Mason jars make great candle holders as they are just the right size and shape for a tealight. You can transform them from being something dull and boring by adding plenty of glue and glitter, making a heart shape at the front of the jar to let the candle flame show through.

Create your own hot chocolate bar

Not only is this idea decorative, but it is tasty too. Take some space in your dining room and make a hot chocolate bar, have the basics, but include fancy hot chocolate flavours and a whole variety of toppings. You could even treat yourself to some Valentine’s mugs which will give the entire evening a much more romantic feel.

Make a wreath with artificial flowers

When you think about wreath’s you are likely to think about Christmas, but a wreath can make for a great decoration for any celebration. If you are feeling relatively crafty then you might want to buy yourself some artificial red roses, or any other flower that you like. Before turning it into a wreath that you can display on the wall where you will be eating.

Wear your hearts on a string

Like the rustic look? Want to make something yourself that you can add to your Valentine’s decorations? Why not cut out heart shapes from red card? Punch a hole in the top of the heart and thread it on a bit of rustic styled string? This could be hung in the dining room and make for a rather simple, but rather beautiful decoration for you to sit under.

Dress up some candles

No Valentine’s dinner would be complete without candles. The trouble with candles is that they can be a little uninteresting on their own. If you have some large pillar style candles that you want to add to your Valentine’s day dinner, then why not wrap some string around each candle (the brown type) and then stick a felt heart on the front?

As you can see, just because you are staying in for Valentine’s day that doesn’t mean that you have to feel that you are stuck at home eating a normal dinner. Take the time to transform your home, even with the smallest touches and you will soon start to feel the love.