Biggleswade Bus Service Under Consultation

6th December 2021 posted in BUYERS TENANTS

At Country Properties, we care about the local housing market, and we know many things impact demand for homes in and around Biggleswade. One of the most critical factors is transport options, and the better the standard of public transport, the more people will find an area suitable for their needs.

We want people to get around Biggleswade as efficiently as possible, and we also know the positive impact a reliable bus service has on the environment. When people know buses and trains can be relied on for most of their journeys, they will be less inclined to use their car.

This change can lower traffic congestion, and it can also boost the environment. Therefore, we are interested in the new bus service linking Biggleswade and Cambridge, currently under consultation.

The consultation process, called “Making Connections”, has been launched by the Greater Cambridge Partnership, the GCP. They aim to transform public transport, cycling and walking, to reduce pollution and congestion in the area.

The plans would also offer better rural connections, run more frequently, and run for longer hours. These are all positive outcomes, and many people will likely be interested in these bus services if delivered.

Some of the new routes would include:

1.       Biggleswade to Cambridge, via Gamlingay, Potton and Great Gransden

2.       Biggleswade to Cambridge, via Wrestlingworth and Orwell

Other issues which are part of the proposal include:

·       Lower fares

·       Better connectivity within small villages to the larger bus routes

·       A “demand-responsive” bus service

·       A travel hub

Anything that makes travel more accessible, more affordable, and lower traffic on the road will benefit the community, even those who don’t travel by public transport. When you add in the environmental benefits, on paper, these proposals are likely to be popular.

As with everything in life, there will likely be opposition, but with the consultation process open, people have a chance to voice their opinion.

The consultation closes at midday on Monday 20 December 2021, and anyone interested in completing the survey can do so at this web address:

Let’s make 2022 a greener year

At Country Properties, we are committed to providing the best standard of service, and our Biggleswade branch is committing to being greener in 2022. For every instruction we receive in the New Year, we promise to plant trees.

There are many reasons why it is a great idea to plant trees in town and city areas, including:

1.       One mature and leafy tree provides enough oxygen to allow ten people to breathe, so that’s important!

2.       Trees capture and store carbon and carbon dioxide

3.       Trees soak up a lot of toxins and pollutions, making our areas cleaner

4.       Trees offer shade, playing a pivotal role in keeping our area cooler

5.       Studies indicate trees lower the levels of cortisol in our brain – the stress hormone – so trees are good for mental health

These are just a handful of the reasons we are committed to planting trees in and around Biggleswade because we care about the local community.

In line with Government guidelines, our Biggleswade branch is open and our sales and lettings personnel staff are on hand to assist you.  If you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01767 317799 or email