Baldock Connecting With Buyers

6th October 2021 posted in BUYERS

At Country Properties, we are pleased to say we have helped connect many buyers and vendors. The demand for property has been high in the past year or so, and this has led to many property deals.

Of course, just because buyers are interested doesn’t mean they always make an offer. We know the features buyers love about homes, and we also know the issues which put buyers off.

Our knowledge of the Baldock housing market, and staying in touch with the latest national studies, help us to help you make an informed decision in the property market.

How is the Baldock housing market faring?

According to Rightmove, house prices in Baldock as of the end of September, are as follows;

Properties in Baldock had an overall average price of £360,297 over the last year.

The majority of sales in Baldock during the last year were terraced properties, selling for an average price of £354,253. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £374,149, with flats fetching £190,941.

Overall, sold prices in Baldock over the last year were 13% up on the previous year and 13% up on the 2018 peak of £318,950.”

Why Prospective Buyers Don’t Make An Offer

A poll conducted by broker First Mortgage examines the key reasons prospective buyers walk away from a property deal, with 80 per cent of Brits saying they are picky.

Top 10 reasons for not making an offer on a home

1.           Noisy neighbours – 47%

2.           Loud area – 45%

3.           By a main road – 44%

4.           Thin internal walls – 43%

5.           Near an airport – 41%

6.           Hard to park nearby – 40%

7.           Lack of storage options – 38%

8.           Ceilings being too low – 35%

9.           Steep stairs – 34%

10.         Poor Wi-Fi – 33%

We believe that many of these problems aren’t relevant to the Baldock housing market, which should provide prospective buyers with confidence. As a market town, Baldock isn’t a loud area, and there isn’t a busy road overladen with traffic causing problems.

We also find many of the properties in the town are spacious, which means issues like lack of storage options or ceilings being too low aren’t major problems here, especially not in comparison with many other areas.

If you are looking for guidance or information regarding the Baldock housing market, we are here for you, so please get in touch.

David McGrail, compliance director of First Mortgage, said: “When looking for a home, it is important to envisage what it is like to live there 365 days a year, if a dog in the neighbourhood is barking every day nonstop, this could become an issue. A property is likely to be the most expensive single purchase you ever make, being picky is essential.  When considering where to live it is important to be switched onto the various factors that could affect your finances as well as your happiness in the home. A few chips on the paintwork aren’t the be-all and end-all, however structural issues could even result in a mortgage being denied.”

In line with Government guidelines, our Baldock Branch is open and our experienced team is working hard to support you.  To clients old and new, if you have any queries or need advice on property sales and lettings then please call 01462 895061 or 01462 742077, or you could email  or